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Does anyone have any ideas about quietening talkative dog?

It's not when we're walking or sitting just in the back of the truck, parked or as we're going along. Problem is, she can't hear me from the cab (or if she does, she ignores me) so she's a bit out of my control. Any ideas?


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Sorry Drew,
my spaniel has been a bloody nuisance in that department from the start. He gets so excited at the possibility of an outing that he just has to let off steam with a good yap and whine. I'm sure there are others but three sollutions:-

Older land rover with more rattles, squeaks, knocks (to disguise the sounds of the dog).

Bullet (seems a bit harsh, as spaniel is one of the best flushing dogs I ever had). Either find a cure (bone to chew en route perhaps) or accept every dog has a bad point, better a whinner than a runner offer!
Mark. ;)


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I know i am recomending them to cure all evils..... but a water pistol might work. they don't like water squirted at them.



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I have heard the same thing with the water pistol thing, but it`s obviously no good if you can`t get to the dog when it does it. :mad:

I had a similar thing with a lab who used to see the deer in the lamp and whine like f**k and even followed the lamp, it was very comical but bloody frustrating none the less.

Might be better getting advise from a dog trainer as they know how to solve most things.

Good luck,



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Thanks chaps, I'll have to get my 8 year old to sit in the back of the truck with his water pistol! ;) Don't suppose he'd complain!


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An e-collar used correctly will cure these evils at a distance. They are also good if your hound bumps a deer/pheasant and is off beore you can get the whistle too your lips and they are locked into hyperdrive.

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