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Saw a white sika calf yesterday. Initially thought it was a stray sheep when I spotted it head down grazing in long grass! Binos revealed it to be a deer about roe size, then a sika hind emerged from the trees to join it. Managed to stalk in to about 200m before the wind altered and they cleared off. It was all white with a brown dorsal stripe.
I tried to get some phone pictures thru the binos but sadly they didn't come out.

It seems they're quite common around Arne, anyone know of any further sightings? This was not around there.
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Were they still in Dorset (or county borders?)

I have only ever heard of them on Arne. However, as the Dorset + population has mainly come from one small source originally its then inevitable the white gene would exist throughout all of the herd that have spread from the original Brownsea Island escape source.

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You can see white Sika all the way along from Arne to Poole Bay.

Theres plenty of hinds on Horton Lee which move out onto the flats across from Rockley Sands.

Not unusual to see a group of four or five white hinds, and theres a small young six pointer about at the moment.

lw woodlands

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This was quite a way west of Arne although I would assume these sika originate from Poole harbour.
When i took on this ground i was told of a huge 'white stag' that used to live here, I assumed they meant a fallow buck, but it seems it may of been this ones great grandfather!


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Not Sika but my region of Montana is known for white mule deer -usually spotted with light brown cafe patches. Had one in my sights about 20 years ago but let him walk. We also have strange mule deer/whitetail cross breeds. Big deer incapable of reproducing. Three years back I shot a 250-ish pound buck that someone had wounded. Wish I'd kept the horns.....~Muir