Who doesn't love getting a parcel?


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Two parcels, two different couriers, and two minutes apart.:-|

Just taken possession of some reloading bits (Henry Krank's) - Lee Loader in .303 British and .38SP.

Also my EKA G3 knives (swing blade). Some may recall, that I ordered what I though were EKA swing blades, last month, but when they arrived they were the fixed blade version - an error all of my own making.

In relation to the EKA G3 (swing blade) knives.

They are on sale from Knives & Tools and were cheaper than I could find anywhere else.
I first saw one of these being used in anger, a couple of months ago, when I was out with Sikamalc and his guide Jason.

I watched Jason as he prepared several Roe back at the larder. Not only was he very proficient - he was very quick.

I did say to Jason then, that I would buy them as a result of what I saw that weekend.

Well Jason, if you are reading this, I got the right knife in the end.


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If you are learning from the school of @Muir then you'll need to slug the barrel or chamber cast your .303 to determine what diameter bullets will suit (if you have yet to!)

Parcels are great, feels like Xmas until you realise how much it cost!


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They are on sale from Knives & Tools and were cheaper than I could find anywhere else.
Would that be knives and tools .Co.uk?
That are based in the Netherlands! Had a bad experience with them, courier took longer that expected due to not being UK based, then left the knife I had ordered in my garden recycling bin! When I got home, it wasn't there. Another 4 weeks going backwards and forwards and a visit from the courier asking why we'd complained, I got my knife delivered :mad:


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I quite fancied a G4 when they first case out but for obvious reasons they were in short supply. Long story short, I ordered direct from EKA as they had an excellent promo on including a second fixed priced blade at a steal. I was a bit twitched about possible additional charges etc having left the EU but to my pleasant surprise the package arrived quickly, no additional charges or faffs over collections. Very pleasantly surprised and a nice package to open:D