Who is joining the SLDN?

Are you planning to join the LDNS?

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Just a quick poll to see who out of the 180 attending and those with an interest think.

It is very easy to criticise (as I have done) but without a plan, goals and clear objectives of how to facilitate them I am lost. I am just tired of talking to the same faces about the same things, but in the scottish government it takes 5 minutes to make a new law and 10 years to actually work out how to implement it.
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Waste of money to go in or a missed opporrtunity if you stay out? Hopefully due to what can only be a false start they will try again. When the commitee is formed it will take on a complte new appearance. However as I gather only two seats will be available to all dmg;s in central scotland, Considering the diversity of the three local groups I would be unhappy if either NL or SL was my voice and I am sre they would be if WL had the chair. However it is easier to be in than out when the ones you are trying to speak to are across the table rether than a voice at the end of a phoneline. LDNS could be the catalist to kickstart the groups or the deathnell. Who knows. SGA was a brainchild that died at birth acording to reports at the time. It grew from a small begining away from NGO. Who is to say the ADMG/LDNS will not do the same. I have long been an advocate of DMG's lacking vision in the fact that they exist only for the stalkers. Stakeholders are the primary source of deer management. DMG are just a tool which has not yet been found in their toolbox. LDNS might help them find it. Mind you they could also toss it out as wasted space. As 308boy says, "It is very easy to criticise (as I have done) but without a plan, goals and clear objectives of how to facilitate them I am lost" Hopefully they will correct that mistake. ASAP. Jim


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Jim, I have read Richard Cookes closing comments on the web, luckily he posted them as half the folk had fecked off by the time he got round to this.

If he had put this up before the rhetoric at least we would have a clue what the plan was. The bit about the FC it land being available for training needs is hogwash as you know but apart from that it made good reading.

False start I hope but 100's of membership forms on seats before telling us the plan is not "best practise".