Who said Friday the 13th is unlucky

DeerStalker Brent

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I went out stalking this morning with my dad and he said i could shoot. I have been stalking for a while but have never shot a deer. So today we went out on a syndicate that my dad is on in Galloway. We walked around an area where my dad had seen a few Roe before but we did'nt see anything only some activity of deer being there another time. Decided to walk on abit and then a buck barked to our left somewhere in dense cover, i said to my dad there could be a doe with him so we hid behind a stone wall and we were in the open able to get a good view of the woods around us incase one came out. After waiting for 15 minutes nothing was going on and my dad said if we should move on but i felt there is a doe around here somewhere. Just as i said that a doe appeared out of a bush the opposite side of us. She was about 100 yards away walking through some trees, i wanted to wait till the chest was exposed for a clear shot. It started to walk towards us and got out from the trees into the clearing, she stood 70-80 yards away and this was when i decided to take the shot. I aimed at its chest, squeezed the trigger and fired. She jumped and then stumbled abit and then fell over. I couldnt believe i had shot my first deer. After 5 minutes of waiting i walked up and gralloched her. It was a long walk dragging it and when i got home i finished the deer off. When i took the pluck out i noticed i had shot it though its heart :D
Not a bad day for 17 year old :p

I have to thank my dad for taking me out and making it a great morning.



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Well done laddie and a very good description of your triumph. Sounds like you have a cool head on your shoulders by not rushing things, which will ensure this is the first of many deer for you.

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Well done mate! Sounds like you did a great job there. Trouble is, now you will be hooked for life! :)
What a great "Father and son" thing to do as well. Can't wait till mine is old enough to shoot his first one. He is 9 tomorrow actually. He has an air rifle but tin cans only for now! He does come stalking though and thinks the gralloch is a great biology lesson! :lol:
You should keep a diary of all you do and shoot. When you get old, you will look back on it with fond memories!
Keep it up. ;)


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Well done and may you continue your stalking.

Tell your Dad he's now going to have to help you save up to buy a rifle and put you on DSC1 & DSC2 courses. If he's not sure tell him you will put it to a vote, then set up a poll on this site and we'll all vote in your favour!

Let's hope and work towards there still being stalking available for you to take your grandson out to get him his first deer.



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Great job,
You enjoyed the stalk ,you have a good understanding of deer and their habits and you are comitted to culling the animals as cleanly as possible. all text book stuff ,a few older heads should learn from this !!
I cant wait for my son to bag his first deer but at 12 he is too young in my eyes , your dad will, i am sure remember that day for the rest of his life as no doubt you will, and i am willing to bet a weeks wage he is soooo proud of you . Keep it up.


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Grattis on your first deer. First one of many i hope. You look quite the Swedish hunter in your Jahtijakt outfit ;)


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Congratulations on your first deer, and well done to your dad as well for getting you into the sport.

The keeping a diary thing is a good idea I wish I had kept a record of everything I had taken with rod and gun over the years, I know there is a lot I cannot remember. Silly old sod :eek:


DeerStalker Brent

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Yeah i have a diary to jot down anything i shoot and things to do with shooting.
I have just got myself a .243 but it just needs to be picked up down in England and im doing my DSC1 next month with Ronald Rose.
I have been shooting all my life, i really started when i was 7 doing wildfowling and beating etc and did lots more when i got older. 7 months ago i decided to move to Scotland mainly for deer stalking (as where i lived in england had no deer) and for a better life. So now i have about 600+ arces of land to shoot on and im planning to get some more.
Jägare i only wear Scandinavia stuff ;) i just got back from sweden stayed over for the weekend.

Regards Brent


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Well done Brent
i was about your age when i shot my first deer
mine was a munty thou :)
i always remember my first roe , that was some adventure, i can tell you
but hey this is about you and the old man on a bonding session :lol: :lol:
well done to you both and glad to see the move up north seems to be suiting you,
heres to many more enjoyable days


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Well done Brent

It was nice to read about your first roe, you never forget your first.

Best rgds