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the father of roe stalking!,that might be a book or two for you to read.with out richard prior and his kind this country would still be having deer drives and shotgun used to kill roe etc.


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This would have been far better if the OP had of joined in a few conversations,replied and earned his stripes instead of all of this pandering schitt!

You blokes doing the pandering? Isn't there more important things to reply to as in guns and deer hunting ffs!

Matt n

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Sorry john.

The plan was to avoid adding loads of pointless comments to existing threads.

For example I have enjoyed looking at some of your pics/videos but really didnt see the need to post...”oh nice” or “that’s a deer” in order to increase post count.

Don’t have lots to say and rarely stick my head i I’ve the parapet but I do read (hence the suitable list of topics joke) and think there is some great info available on here.

No more pandering needed my side mate but Happy to return the gesture by offing you this explanation.


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The plan was to avoid adding loads of pointless comments to existing threads.
The demise of many once thriving forums is basically because of members simply not joining in with the discussions,some times .”oh nice” or “that’s a deer” is very relevant to the thread. Even argumentative answers are contributions otherwise forums end up like a magazine being read in the shop by a 100 people and being sold once. Too many want for nothing and wont weigh in with either comment or money...
Some threads don't need a reply but they are far and few between.
I am very used to it myself,I often post hunting photos with rarely a reply, But there will be a 100 or multiple 100`s of views,obviously they are of the "world owes us,I will take for no return variety" I think there are a lot of members that are really not interested in deer hunting but they think that they are ha ha ha. Forums die without contributors.


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It is funny how the unlikeliest of threads can become useful. We are now having a great discussion about one's duty to contribute as well as to read. Forums have upset the old order of 'publisher' vs 'audience', where one party is active and the other a passive recipient. Now, we must all - as John says - play both roles.

Kind regards,



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now get out there and film us some more cool stuff...
I did film some cool stuff today Carl but as usual there is no ****ing interest in the grandest antlered game of them all.

I filmed this stag,20 short videos I took of him but no one is interested it seems so I wont bother posting them.

Carl if you retract that horrible abuse as above I might even PM you the videos ha ha
signed hurt Ozzie Twat

X marks the good enough,will do the job spot.