Why do we call Mr Fox 'Charlie'?

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The name "Charlie" I believe (and someone may proove me wrong here, if so, so be it) is derived from a famous Fox Hunter called Charles James Fox. He was a wig and an opponent of Pit the younger.

Charles Fox was the son of Henry Fox who was the paymaster general, and John Powell was his secretary. John Powell purchased Quex Estate from Charles Fox in about 1790.

Charles Fox was a very keen foxhunter, and consequently was often known to his friends as Charlie. Hence the name Charlie for the Fox.

Toby I do not know where that came from.


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I go along with Sikamalc on this one.

As regards 'Toby' I heard this term by the lads in the New Forest area when I used to help a keeper that moved to an estate south of Ringwood.

Is 'Toby' used elswhere?


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several aquaintances of mine refer to them as Basils... which i think is a contemporary reference....

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In Warwickshire we call Badger ‘Mr Brock’ and Fox is ‘Charlie or Reynard’. Personally I call all Roebucks 'Little Prince' and large Muntjac bucks 'Barons'. I don't know why, I just think that the Roebucks are like woodland Royalty. The Muntjac with their portly figures reminds me of fat noblemen.

Hikers and mountain bikers I call 'Fack wits'! :lol:
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