Why do we put the member name below the thread title!?!?


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A question for the mods, could the thread author name be placed at the side of the thread name or something? Trying to click on the thread inadvertently leads to clicking on the persons name and their profile which makes us look like people stalkers as applied to deer stalkers! Lol...

so so to the several people that see I "visited their profile
page"...I'm sorry...honestly I'm not going to start sifting through your bins and tracking your movements!



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It's Timbrayford .......God I just realised I spend way to much time on here to be able to recognise folks bloody avatars!!!!


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It seems to be a glitch which only happens on ipad/iphones. Clear your cache and it will go away.

See here: Why is this happening

If you are on a smart phone then consider using Tapatalk to view the site, much easier!