Why teckels are good for hunting in tree stands.


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There is no way I could lift my dog into a high seat!

does the dog sit quite still in the seat? Just thinking about their wee claws scrabbling about on the wood? I suppose a rubber mat or old piece of carpet would take care of that.

​nice photo though and I like the idea of the companionship in the seat for the hours you spend in one.

Uncle Norm

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Nice photo. I used to take my Border Terrier up into high seats. The problem came when we were shooting in woodland, where the landowner (Natural England) didn't want the foxes shot. When a fox walked by Jasper would first look at me as if to say 'what the hell are you doing' then start growling and showing his teeth to the fox. I had to get hold of him to prevent a rapid descent. Little b*****d but good fun.


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Brian you should have got your self a Bav they will go up the seat with you. Nice picture of the Dash mate


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This was their first time in a tree stand and they were okay. I have two dachshunds. The older one is straight hair and very quiet unless it hears a noise or wind scents something it was growling tree stand as the scent was coming behind us. I went to have a look after a few hours and found a preaching tree. The younger one was making a lot of noise and as its bigger doesn't sit so quietly in the lap. She's only started voicing and there was a bird banging on the bark of a tree about 40 yards away trying to get a grub. After a couple of minutes the dog started barking at it which is not conducive to surprising a deer, but the young one has to learn.

I'm impressed enough that a dog can wind scent from up there, especially if it knows what its doing (the older dog has found plenty of deer), so I think if I can build a little perch for it with kick boards sitting above my head I can lift it up there and it will be my second set of eyes. Especially if something approaches from behind.