Why the garlic.

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This isn`t a critisism, but personally i can`t stand the stuff.
Why, when we see a recipe on here, the TV or in a magazine is it laced with garlic, afterall, you stink after eating it. Someone once said "but you don`t taste it". Hello!! if you don`t taste it, why put it in?
A curious basil.


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christ basil
i hav just looked at your picture again ,yes your canines do look a little long don't they
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
where did i put my St christopher

Andy L

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I do not like garlic on its own but I love i when it is in meat. Beautiful ! It exsentuates (spelling!) the flavour.


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i love the stuff ....i will even eat it raw if i get a cold (wife goes up the wall) garlic is your friend ..........neil
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