Wierd rabbit liver- Tularemia ?


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Hi guys

I shot this 3/4 grown rabbit last night. Behaviour seemed normal before hand.

A pretty wierd liver. Lots of white bits both within the liver and around the edges.

Any ideas ? A Google suggests it could be something pretty nasty- Tularemia.

video here-

photos attached

Any advice would be great thanks. I was wearing gloves but did process another rabbit with the same knife so I will likely have to throw away the healthy rabbit too.


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Yeah ? Are you certain ? How can you distinguish between it and other diseases ?
Try sixty years experience and countless thousand of rabbits gutted! I am 100% on what it is. As for tularaemia, seen it once in my life in ferrets in the USA, so its far from common. Vets on here would be better placed to comment. But in the USA they called it Red Eye and the ferrets looked like they had myxomatosis!