Wild boar in wiltshire


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Just seen the news. Apparently Wild Boar have never been seen in the area so the police are looking into whether it was a farmed animal that has escaped.


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Tragic indeed. Back in 2003 long before I started stalking, we rounded the corner west bound just over a mile short of the Newbury Junction and hit a car on its roof in the outside lane. The car had hit a deer and overturned (occupants on the hard shoulder). We were extremely lucky to get out with just bad whiplash. Having flipped several times and rolled plenty, there was only one small part of the roof still the correct height - where I was sitting (the missus is fortunately very short). Have always stuck with Passat's after that.

There is a Boar Farm not too far away, although I'd be surprised if one managed to get out. The fencing is extremely good and with an additional electric section.


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There's a member on here who shoots plenty of wild boar not a million miles from there so I would imagine that it's wild!