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I frequently go to Hessen germany for driven hunts on wild boar. Again after a 3 hour drive to Hessen Germany last friday and meeting old and new friends we where put at our stands (pegs). Unfortunately i could walk 50 meters from the meeting point to my stand, a high seat very close by. I was a bit disappointted while 60 od people or so talking and slamming doors, dogs barking etc.. have been close by and that doesn't help seeing game of any kind.
But with high hopes i nevertheless climbed the high seat and waited. And waited and waited untill after 45 minutes i saw in the left corner of my eye a boar between the trees at 250 meters. Couldn't see what kind because it went pretty quick through the cover. It went away from me and after a couple of seconds i heard two shots. Game over for that boar i thought. But several minutes later i heard a distinct crack of a branch, aha wild boar !. I got the gun ready and listened carefully. Yes again in the thick cover in front of me another slight crack. Then a wild boar broke cover and crossed the path. I could see it was big and a male. Shot went out but bit to far on the back. Not time for another shot because it went over the path and into cover again. I heard cracking of branches in the other cover for another 15 minutes and then it got quiet.
With these hunts never leave youre post and go look for yourself, especially with a big male. It will attack you !
So waited untill the hunt was over and looked for blood on the path / trail. No luck there. Marked the spot and asked a man with a special tracker dog to search the keiler. I was sure to have hit it and told him about the cracking i heard in the cover after the shot. We discussed in detail my shot, the signing on the body and the path the boar must have taken.
Dog did not get any scent on the path but a little further in the cover it got wind and took off. My marking was on the spot luckily. I followed the man and his dog through bushes and thick cover. After 40 meters the dog handler shouted "i have blood and a wound bed". We saw the wound bed and also deep dragging tracks towards thick cover of fallen over trees and branches. The wild boar must have dragged his body towards this cover. Carefully we looked for signs, the dog crawled all over and under the trees and branches. Then the whole cover moved and the keiler showed himself oops...
The dog handler quickly aimed his rifle and shot the keiler in the head three (!) times. The dog then crabbed the trhoat and was pulling like mad. Wow. After that it was finally over for the old boar. The keiler is the biggest (throphee size)that was shot it that region for 30 years. It weighed 145 kilo's and has teeth sticking out of 7 centimeters, so that is 21 centimeters in total. Quite a wild boar, estimated 7 years old. The dog handler went beserk and we both laughed and patted each other shoulders. Also for him it was the biggest keiler ever to have searched for. I told him it was a mutual effort, without him and the dog i would have never spotted or find the keiler.
In the end i was crowned "hunting king of the day" and of course had to pay some beers. The keiler will be made into sausages at the local butchers because it doesn't fit in the back of my car.

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Well your majesty, I just had a look at the photo and I can now see why you made king! You will have to get a bigger car to fit these monsters in.

Nice story, thank you for sharing it, well done.



Great story and a real team effort in the end. Well done and nice picture.


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Congratulations H&H,

That must have been one hell of an adrenalin rush you had?

Great Pictures.