Wild boar kill ISIS gang


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How does a Muslim that has been killed by a pig fare with the prospects of afterlife?:eek:
Can't be good?
Lore says that something like this has been attempted before. As the story goes, when General Blackjack Pershing (of eventual Belleau Wood fame) was military governor of the Phillipines he attempted to pacify the violent Moro Muslims of the southern Islands. So goes the story - they captured several fighters and determined their guilt on the battlefield and passed judgement. They were then taken to a pit, but first some pigs were put into the pit and shot. Then the execution squad dipped their bullets in the pigs blood before shooting the Moro, who fell into the pit and were buried with the pigs. One was spared and sent back to spread the word. Supposedly this took some of the fight out of them.

That being said - I sort of have my doubts about the story. Not that I doubt battlefield executions, especially back circa 1900. What I doubt is the taboo nature of the pig. As I remember, the branch/sect of Islam predominant in Indonesia/Malaysia/Southern Philipines actually permit the consumption of pork, at least in a limited fashion.