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Can anyone help? I have a .308 on an open ticket for deer but have the opportunity of taking over some ground with boar on it (in another county to the issuing constabulary) - anyone any experience or advice?


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I don't know which police force your fac is with but when i first wanted to go hunting wild boar abroad i wanted to use solid slugs through my 5 shot benelli and my local force (cumbria)let me have them with out any proof of boar on any of my shooting land as they said all i was asking for was a request for section 1 ammo for my section 1 shotgun and so they did it free of charge as well.
The conditions on my Fac for the shot gun are that it is for pest and vermin foxes and wild boar and deer control which they suggested to me be put on as well

When i bought my .308 they also listed it for wild boar as well when i asked for it to be included and as long as it was not my first reason for wanting a 308 the flo said it was not a problem and put it on along with fox control
I also have my on my .444 marlin for deer control foxes and wild boar.
The cumbria police FLO. officer's have always being very helpful in my requests and do not make there own rules up and they don't try to cover you with Bullsiht which also helps.

That's the joy of living in Gods own country!!! 8)

Pm me if you want any more help.



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avon and somerset state you must prove you have wild boar
on your land befor they will grant it on your ticket had a right
PIG :lol: :lol: of a job myself recently .
still havent got it now .


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I had a four month fight with two different forces (gwent and gloucester) to get it and that was with paper work filled in by landowner and photo evidence.


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Thanks guys, and reiver - if only I lived 10 miles north I'd be in Cumbria, instead Lancs can be a pain...! The boar are in East Sussex and I can provide proof of land if required .


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I had no problem getting a 12 Bore 20" slug gun for boar and i can use my rifle for every thing from fox to moose and i can buy as much ammo as my heart desires. I love living in Sweden.


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You shouldn`t have a problem if the landowner has asked you to manage the Boar, and you can prove they are there.
I never had any problem getting Boar on my ticket as I had these 2 things answered for the local firearms dept.
I reckon you had to deal with the 2 worse depts in the U.K when you asked for yours Apollo. :lol:
And I had one of the best in West Mercia.
Saying that my new firearms dept is even better :lol: :lol:

paul k

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I had a long and unsuccessful face to face with the Firearms Dept in North Wales when trying to add boar to my .270 in order to shoot on j.d.m.'s ground.

I was at first told that there were no boar in the UK, then that boar didn't need to be controlled, then that Home Office guidance didn't mention boar and even a written invitation from jdm didn't help. I was told the the Chief Constable didn't want to be a "ground breaker" on the issue of issuing boar variations for use outside the constabulary.

I made the guy go and get the Home Office guidance and proved my point but still couldn't get it unless I got a letter from jdm's landowner and the local police confirming the stalk. Unsurprisingly jdm didn't want to hassle his landowner and in the end I gave up and used jdm's 30-06 and .457 Heym which did the job OK.

There has a been a change of personnel in the local Firearms Dept and things are apparently better now.



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Are these these the same Police Forces that used to say that you were not allowed to shoot foxes with any thing bigger than a .243 by any chance ? .

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