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Andy L

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In the editorial to sporting rifle this month there is talk of wild boar shooting on meridian itv tonight. Could not see it on the listings, anybody else know anything about it?

Andy L

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Adverts stone, adverts!
It was interesting and not full of media bull. They were in croatia on a driven hunt and a bit about kent and sussex boar. I did not realise that defra had estimated the population of boar in this country at 500. They are a bunch of ostriches with their heads in the sand!
Nice to watch a documentary with no particular spin to it. They spent most of the time looking at the boar management and discussing whether DEFRAs idea of leaving countrol with the land owners is going to work. If it does work, I am sure defra will change it!!!


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500 andy did they realy say 500
when i was in dorset march last year the place i was at after boar defra said there were only 50 in the area the lad i had my boar from had taken 43 upto that weekend i was there ,with our 2 that made 45 so only 5 left in the area since then i hav learnt ther the other 5 hav been shot so dorset is boar free then according to defra
i don't think so :lol:
but you are right there andy now defra are involed changes will be like the wind not sure which direction to go in


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500 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: thats the figure from about 1990.

What a bunch of ****s, still civil servants, journalists all the same really, they always get it wrong :lol: :lol:


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A Cook's Tour of Spain

There is another programme worth watching,

Thursday 27th March at 8:00pm on C4

These are the couple that travelled round the british isles last year shooting and cooking game.

good watch



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Hi Smithy,
I'm watching it, its really good isn't it. Travelling around Spain are they not? Those Spainish have got it right, hunting, producing and growing there own food.


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i have been told bbc1 west midlands this friday 7.30pm inside out on about the wild boar.i will be out at the ngo dinner dance having a ball :D
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