Wild dogs are real baa-steads


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Hello John.

That article puts our UK vermin control in to perspective for sure.... no real comparison...

Not sure of the laws in Australia, but it could be a good opening for someone to get in there and sort that problem out for the farmer.... What is the position on `controlling` this type of problem - can they be shot ?? Foxes taking lambs is one thing, but wild dogs taking cattle ( based on the size of the cattle ) must be a nightmare...

Do`nt make us all too envious by the amount of land you have access to shoot over :D.....

All the best.


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I was watching a program the other night and they were putting poisoned meat out all across the farm to kill of the wild dogs plus shooting them on site when seen !

Paul at Fechan

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looks like these dogs are doing what feral pigs do and re-evolve into their natural wild boar form... but with dogs that's wolves

John Gryphon

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They are of course living in Gov Parks and State forests,we get $100 bounty for a scalp but wild dogs make Reynard look dumb. WE have pro Gov trappers working full time but of course they are understaffed as well..the Gov is a miserable mob and would rather put the money into a bicycle path somewhere.I haven't personally shot one for years and years as I`m not in the area though a few have been known to stray this way.....dead on sight is the answer.


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Lots of hot spots now where stock is going to be taken regular like Blackall Shire in Queensland, plus others will range in size from small terrier to large Bull Mastiff's and Alsatians they are by looks the kind of dogs you see everyday but with a taste for blood and not adverse to killing large animals other dogs pigs red's and obviously the road kill, we used to just hang them on the fences, this will escalate into more of a problem and i am surprised there have not been any tragic loss of human life that i know of, they make the uk pitbull style chav dog look like a total pussycat!
To answer the above post they are not Dingos just feral unwanted and inbred dogs been wild for years, sadly the Dingo is in very limited numbers as these feral dogs breed with them polluting the natural and unique gene pool of the true Dingo which is another issue, the pure genetic line of dingos is i beleive only found now on Frazer Island.