Wild hunting southern France


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I have the same question with this post below but i dont see any answer for this. Anyone can tell me. Thanks!

I’m on holiday near carcassone in the south, and the country side looks pretty wild lots of forest interspersed with vine yards- there are boar about and I was wondering if anyone has ever come over this way shooting them- also what the deer stalking is like? There are deer here but not sure which species? What is the protocol with hunting and are there any contacts through the forum that have access down here, I would be interested to here of any ways of experiencing the hunting in this area/Pyrénées And likely costs? Obviously it will be seasonal..


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I have no experience hunting there but have spent some time in the region on holiday a few years back and can remember seeing an incredible amount of Roe deer and always thought it would be nice to go back there and do some hunting.
Haven't managed it yet but it's in my mind.
Have a Google of 'Carles Castillo hunting films' or look directly on YouTube. I believe his Roe hunting videos are in that area of France.