Available: Wild Plains Game and Wing shooting South Africa


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[FONT=&amp]7 Days Wild Plains Game/Wing shooting in KZN, SA.
Completely wild unfenced animals and birds in the bush, mountains and farmland.

3 Days Wing shooting (1 Day duck & goose flighting/ 1 day pigeon & dove/ 1 day driven guinea fowl)
4 days wild plains game (1 Common Reedbuck/ 1 Bushbuck/ 1 Blesbok)
Extra animals available

[FONT=&amp]£4000/hunter with minimum of two hunters[/FONT] but discounts available with bigger groups. Must be taken between 31st May and 31st August - the bird season.

Transport in and out of airport and during the hunting
All food, drink and accommodation for the 7 days
Rifle/shotgun hire, PH fees, hunting permits
Assistance to bring guns into South Africa.

Bullets, cartridges and taxidermy are all charged at cost.

[/FONT][FONT=&amp][FONT=&amp]Umziki Hunting Safari's[/FONT][FONT=&amp][/FONT] - outfitters based in the midlands of KZN (nearest city Durban) run by two very keen youngish guys. They are both English type South Africans who have been hunting since they could carry a gun, PH's as soon as the laws allowed and prefer the ethics of hunting completely wild animals.

These guys are friends of mine as I regularly spend a lot of time in SA, and I'm more than happy to talk through any ideas and plans you might have before you think book anything. I'm a Devon lad so can give you the British point of view about things. Also I have recently done a PH course in KZN, so understand the SA hunting industry reasonably well.

I hope to hear from you.[/FONT]
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