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good evening,i would just like to mention wildcat as a company ,i had a issue with gas cutting on my wildcat moderator and phoned wildcat for the cost of a new part,the young lady called alison said not a problem she would sort it! the post came this morning and alison was as good as her word the replacement parts arrived all free of charge.excellent service and first class people to deal with.many thanks wildcat.
I would also like to give a big Thank you to Alison, phoned Wildcat after being messed about by RFD regarding part for moderator ( busy after christmas, delivery gone astray, cant get hold of them. All bull"""t ) Alison promised delivery next day true to her word it came.


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I’ll echo all of the above.

I have a 1:3 Evolution moderator - single mod fits three rifles with different calibre and thread combinations.

Ordered some components online over the Xmas period and they arrived as soon as normal post resumed.


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I need to take notice of these high praises as I have a Wildcat moddy to .. It has some gas cutting on the edge of the exit hole at the muzzle end of the silencer. I was thinking what to do, now I know.. I WAS going to buy another new one and might do that yet, but fixing the one I have now sounds like a good and sensible idea first off, ESPECIALLY if i can get the replacement part - the 8 baffle ' end cap' part - for free except the asking!!

Regards to all here for that quality prompt!!

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Another highly satisfied customer and full of praise for Alison and her team who sorted out my .243 and .308 evolution moderators purchase and fitting in one short visit. Cannot recommend more highly.

paul o'

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They mods are imo and i'v tried a few up there as one of the best and better than 99% in build , again imo there mods save the shooter buckets of cash due to one outer and so many choices of inners saving ££££££
Well done wildcat :tiphat:


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Question: I am never a fan of the overbarrel mods given the damage they can do to the barrel externals. But I have heard that you don't need to use the bushing on the wildcat evo, or simply use a larger one that doesn't touch the barrel exterior. Can anyone confirm please as otherwise they sound and look like a great mod. Thanks
You don't need to use the rear bushing on any moderator, they are purely cosmetic/to stop crap getting down between the chamber and the barrel. They can be useful to ensure you are not cross threading when fitting but otherwise they are superfluous.
Cosmetic those rear bushings on over-barrel moderators MAY be, but a knowledgeable gunshop owner I have been friends with for absolutely years (and years!) told me recently that the bushings on mine - which coincidentally is an older Wildcat version (Predator 8 Compact or somesuch I think?) had an additional function of ensuring that, if the moddy loosened on the barrel threading, that it DIDN'T tip and give a fired bullet something hard to run into on the way out of the rifle muzzle.

That sounded sensible (and possible) to me so I keep mine there despite very slight polishing of the barrel outer surface just under the bushing ring... and I have three different inner diameter ones that I need to swap over each time I take out a different rifle!

Just saying......

ATB ....... and shoot safely

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good evening ,the rear bushing can be slightly oversized for your barrel so as not to mark anything but still be there to prevent alignment problems if you moderator comes loose,neither of mine ever have though.
None of my moderators have come loose either, I also would discount the bushing preventing an alignment issue (ie holding the moderator in alignment with the bore) the bushing would have to be really tight to the barrell to stop the mod moving off by more than 0.3mm over 200mm. I guess if you have a big hole through the moderator relative to the bullets diameter then the bushing could have a bit of play, surely the length and quality of the thread on the barrel and in the 'bridge' of the moderator would have a significantly larger effect ?

I'm not convinced the bushing provides any such protection.