wildcat predator 8


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Hi everyone I would like to know how many rounds can be put thru one of these mods before the diffuser would need changing. I have been using Hornaday 58 gn BT in 243. Many thanks


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How long is a piece of string..to many variables to consider, but I use one that came off a 270 with many rounds through it on my 17 rem and I have fired quite a few more through it since it came off that 270, the diffuser looks fine sure you can see some gas erosion but nothing to worry about just shoot it and forget about it..


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Mines (on a .243) had circa 300 rounds through it and looks like new. Occasionally I'll clean and add a drop of oil to the threads.


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This is the one I own and has been used on a 6.5x55 but mostly on the 25-06:-

One can see the pitting caused by the hot gases and this has had about 400 rounds through it and cleaned on a regular basis.

Oh yes due to a mix up in the shop the .308 Moderator turned out to actually have .243 bast shield/deflector.