Has anyone out there used a wildcat moderator,if so what are your veiws on them? as i am thinking about buying one.

Thanks Darren


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I like you wanted something you could take apart for cleaning so I spoke to a gunshop owner who bought use to stock them and bought one in for a customer, sent it away to be fitted and was told not to send another wildcat to be fitted again by the gunsmith so he stopped selling them. It not fair for me to say any more as it wasn't me who had the experiance with the Wildcat.

I ended up buying a PES which can be taken apart the for cleaning, it's one hell of a piece of engneering and I think around the same price. Top tip with them is for field use ie: 2/3 rds fired through them if you lightly coat the internals with oil they are easier to clean.

Might be worth you doing some research into the Moderators, try to find a place selling both the PES, ASE and Wildcat mod's.
My local gun shop has a wildcat moderator, or what's left of it, to show people who ask for one. The whole thing has burst open like a banana that's been inflated with an air line.


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The T8 is a completely different kettle of fish compaired to the Wildcat, for a start the T8 is a completely welded unit made out of mild steal which can't be taken apart for cleaning. A consequence of this is that if it's not looked after it starts to rust inside and I guess you can work the rest out for yourself.
Jason said:
if it's not looked after
As one might say about a rifle. Anyone who fails to take proper care of a firearm or any part of it has only themselves to blame if the whole thing comes unglued on them at a vital moment.

Personally, I just put a French letter over the end of the moderator, which keeps all the moisture out and does not ned to be removed before taking a shot. The extra-tough ones beloved of, ahem, backdoor enthusiasts are the most suitable.


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Putting a french letter over your moderator wont do any good except keep dirt ect going up the barrel, when a shot is fired a lot of corrosive gas is released this is the main reason a sound moderator rusts on the inside. :)