Wildlife Photography: Friend short listed for Nikon Competition. Vote Please?

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Hello all.

A friend of ours and supporter of our company has been shortlisted for the Nikon In Frame competition.

Keith Kirk is a local wildlife ranger and photographer and does lots for local conservation and looking after rare and endangered species as well as all wildlife in Dumfries and Galloway.


His photo of "Its Raining Starlings" we think deserves a vote, if you agree please feel free to vote accordingly


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Voted for it . They say starlings are in decline but I don't believe anything the RSPB say. You should see them around the army camp at Okehampton on Dartmoor.
Ok done great photo and got my vote also and i just want to say you here that as a professional photographer that the wild photography is not a easy job to do this is very difficult to take the animals photos the photographer takes different views and poses of the animals by standning in front of them and this is very dangerous to take this photographs and only a professional photographer who have a lot of experience in this photogrpahy he can take these photos only...

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