Wildlife v Supercars


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Look what happens when a roe deer and a pheasant hit cars at 140mph. Ouch :evil: :evil: :evil:






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I feel sorry for the animals rather than the Penis doing the driving. 05.00 this morning I was being over taken on dark winding country roads by wannabie 'Mansells'!


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Never seen anyone use a BMW to gralloch a Roe before, not a very good job, I think you would fail level 2.

The person driving must have been going at a hell of a pace for the Roe to be lodged in the engine. Good job it wasnt a Red Stag, dont think the driver would have got away with it so easy?


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It's a shame that old long tail could not have been a little more to one side, he looks to have hit the inside of that car between the seats. A touch more to the left and there would be one idiot less driving at 140 mph, even if it is on the German autobahn's. As for the other prat, I do hope there was enough disturbance inside the car to ruin his day big time. Absolute madness, whatever speed was he/she doing.



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Its a good job that roe deer wasn't a child.

sometimes i go round and tell people that thier husband or wife or son or daughter is never coming home. sometimes i take the family to look at the said dead person.

why do i have no sympathy with people that whine about speeding tickets?


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You don't get many children on German Autobahns!
Having spent some considerable time over there, went to the Higher Education Centre in Mulheim, same place as the car registration, saw less high speed accidents over there than in UK.
When there is an accident it is normally pretty horrendous, due to speed, but all the traffic is travelling at speed on the Autobahns anyway.


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posted over there

I was posted over there and i thought i was flash when i had a ford XR3i. I would come back to the uk and get regularly passed at warp speed by the big beemers and mercs.