Wilson dies and arbor press

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Guys, do any of you use Wilson in line dies and arbor presses? I've been looking at these for a little while now and have the chance of dies and a press (at vastly reduced rates) to go with it.

What do you think?



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I have just bought a Wilson set up as the cost was about the same for a set of dies and a press as against just a set of Redding competition dies. The boys that know generally prefer Wilson as they generally produce more concentric rounds.

I have had a little play to see how they worked and it looks pretty easy and simple. Mine came from the USA. For case forming you will still need a big press though.



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Been using an arbor press with a Wilson seater as part of my reloading setup for five or so years and cant fault it.
As I only neck size and all bar one rifle are Ackley I use a Rockchucker press for resize. All my resize dies are Redding bushing comp dies.
I bought all my gear from Sinclair International. Worthwhile giving them a look with the $/£ being so good. www.sinclairintl.com
Good luck, you wont look back.
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