Win one of TWO Ridgeline Smocks - Kelso Stalking Fair Comp now Online

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Hello all

As we were unable to attend the Deerstalking Fair due to extreme weather, sadly we were not able to action the Ridgeline smock giveaway on both days that we had intended.

Therefore we would like to launch it online for Stalking Directory members.

So to win one of two fantastic Ridgeline Smocks, courtesy of Scott Country International and Ridgeline UK, please enter below

WIN one of TWO Ridgeline Smocks in the latest Scott Country competition.


Good luck!



Sporting goods, hunting gear and outdoor clothes from Scott Country
Even though it was entirely unavoidable us not being able to get there, we want to support the fair as much as we can, and of course support the forum, and the people who use it.

If we can give something back that makes people happy, then all the better!

Good luck with the entries.
Paul is being a bit reserved with the facts here.

They left in an effort to attend at least 3 times from memory, and each resulted in having to be rescued and on occasion abandoning vehicles. when an effort was made to borrow dad's 4x4 but that meant it being delivered, dad gets stuck and has to stay in a B&B 17 miles short! I don't think anyone would have complained about the lack of a prize given the extreme weather conditions in the SW of Scotland and NW of England. Oh, I am wrong, I almost forgot. One lady did.
Oh, I am wrong, I almost forgot. One lady did.

Did she have that raffle ticket as well Brian :rofl:.
Any offers coming up i was looking to buy one of these jackets and a monsoon smock when i came up to the show at the weekend what sort of price are these, and are Ridgeline sizes small fitting i was hoping to try them on !
Nah, just that time of the month I reckon... Pity her man that night at home!

Be one of them you gotta take with you cos you can't stand kissing it goodbye :lol:.
375Mag, it is open to all members, as there were a good number of people like ourselves, who did make the effort, but the 6ft wall of snow put the best efforts into submission....

The organisers of the show suggested we did not have to run the comp as we were unable to get there, but we felt only fair to open the competition up to online members also.