Winchester 1400 semi automatic


Hi folks,
has anyone ever owned one of these? Thinking of getting one that is £140. Is this a good deal (includes delivery). Just want a cheap semi for some pigeons and rough shooting so as to keep the o/u in good nic.


The Burpster

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I have shot one but not owned it. It feels a bit like a nose heavy Rem1100. Inside it giblets aren't quite as nice as the Rem and you may struggle to get parts. (Look into it first).

i did own a 101 and 120 PA, and they were very reliable and robust guns.

if it functions fully i'd say its snip at that price!


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ok as long as its working ,parts are a nightmare ,spend a little more on an 1100 remmy,or look at some of the franchi models


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I bought one for 90 quid,had nt been cleaned in its life time.after a good strip clean and a new firing pin it`s still going today... I would agree parts may be an issue tho...