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Sold: Winchester ballistic silver tip 55grn 243 cal

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Hi guys, I purchased the above rounds to go foxing but currently don't have any foxing available. I have used 6 rounds from one box initially to zero my rifle. I therefore have 3 full boxes of 20 rounds and one box of 14 rounds - so a total of 74 rounds for sale. These are far too good to waste, shooting at paper targets - hence the sale.

These are currently for sale at £33.78 a box at Allcocks outdoor store, if truth be told they are not that easy to find! I am selling these for £85 for the lot.
Price reduction now £75

By my calculations that would work out at £124.98 for 74 rounds at Allcocks prices so that's a £40 saving. Which is an excellent saving for someone!
(Now £50 saving with reduction)

These would be for collection in South Wales, but I intend going to the British shooting show on Sunday,so I could bring them with me for a firm sale if agreed beforehand.

Obviously these are only for sale if your certificate allows you to purchase them.

please PM me if you want these.

many thanks
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