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Sold: Winchester Model 70 Feather Weight .308

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SA shooter

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Well the day has come to move this boy on. I'm selling my trusty .308! I bought this rifle from a gent that had it sitting his safe as a spare. Without even shooting it. I had it screw cut to 1/2" UNF with a target crown on it. This rifle will return very thight groups providing the shooter is capable of it. I home load for it but it also loves factory ammo (Federal 150gr Vital shock or Power shock) I will be sold with two stocks, the original and Synthetic Hogue stock, Hardy Gen 4 moderator, two sets of Leupold rings 25mm and 30mm incl. bases. If the buyer reloads I will include a tub of Varget some brass and .308 dies. I had this rifle Cerakoted in Burnt bronze and the stock in Armored black so its all weather proof. I also had work done on the trigger and it breaks like glass at 1.2 lbs. I have attched photos with both stocks and a group at 200 meters shot in a light breeze from right to left. All the above for a very fair price of £ 500 Scope and Bi-pod is not included in the sale.
I will split the Rifle and Moderator if the buyer don't want the mod. Rifle on it's own and extras will be £ 400


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