For Sale: Winchester model 70 in .270 win. + trigger and mod options


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Changing rifles so my winchester model 70 is up for grabs.

Apparently the rifle is "super grade", which probably means it had a nice wooden stock at some point, but not it wears a hogue offering, and has done ever since it has been in my ownership.

Its a controlled feed, (makes it a pre-'64 action if i'm not mistaken), and has a hinged floor plate. Barrel is screw, and the action comes with Burris weaver mounts.

This rifle has been in my ownership for 10 years now. It was bought used, and that sums up it's condition. The blueing is worn from using the previous T8 moderator, but the barrel was bore scoped a few months back, and all looked good. It has since fired about half a dozen rounds and that's it. Despite its "used" look, it still drops deer with no issues. Used to group very well with RWS 130 grn factory.

20180717_214820.jpg 20180717_214855.jpg 20180717_214901.jpg 20180717_214919.jpg 20180717_215044.jpg

Rifle as is with standard trigger £275.

Also available with a Jewel Trigger fitted +£200

Third eye tactical Spartan moderator +£125.
Moderator hasn't seen much action, and comes with key for stripping. It does have a few small scuffs.

I won't split until the trigger unit or the mod until the rifle has sold.

Collection from Winchester or Abingdon. RFD to RFD also possible.

Buyer must have a spare slot!


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G171***, which shows production date of between 1983 and 1984:

From what I understand the years to avoid are post 64 up to about '74. during this time quality wasn't so good and the actions went over to push feed, as opposed to controlled feed (which the pre 64 action was). The later rifles went back to controlled feed, of which the rifle above is one of them.

So while not technically a "pre 64" as in year of manufacture, it does have the pre '64 type action. Either way, it still goes bang and makes deer fall over...


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Any offers? Package now sat with a friendly RFD.

I'm also currently looking for a Schmidt Rubin K31 service rifle in 7.5x 55 - must be vgc if anyone fancies a swop?