Winchester super x power point


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Has anyone used these in 100gr ,I had what I thought was a good deal today £14 a box in .243 never used them before I,m going back to using soft points as I felt that with the ballistic tips things were getting a bit messy .


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Used them in 270gn - thumbnail sized groups out of the H&H!

They killed just fine, but tended to the soft side. Don't know how they would respond to being driven fast in a smaller calibre.

Rgds Ian


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My mate uses them in his .243. He has no problems at all - they shoot and kill perfectly well out to his self imposed limit of 200yds.

I think he pays about the same..he buys his from Glasgow Field sports.

He's been able to dig a few out to show...they mushroom right out so expansion ain't a problem!