Wind weather and rigs

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We see a lot of pictures of waves crashing onto shores etc and hear of high wind speeds in Orkney etc but spare a thought for the guys offshore.
I was on the Beryl Alpha rig many years ago helping with setting up a comms link to the shore telephone system. There was a storm force 10 one time and it was pretty scary.
Atb to those on the rigs.

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Thanks pf,

I am currently on a platform in the middle of the North Sea, Friday gone we had 120mph winds and Saturday was only marginally better.
I feel for and thank those aboard the rescue boats who have to stay in the vicinity of the platforms and have to endure some massive waves.

ATB 243 Stalker.


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Spent many a winter on construction DSV vessels West of Shetland & in Northern Norway, severe weather is never much fun to endure, she's a cruel mistress is the sea.

My hat goes off to the all the various standby/support vessels, RNLI, Coastguard & RAF SAR etc who have always had my full respect for their continual support.