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Hi all,
I'm off to scotland in the morning to have a few days roe stalking.
Looking at the weather forcast, it is likely to be windy with chances of snow.
This is the first time i've stalked in heavy wind and i was wondering if any of you had any advice on the behavior of roe in heavy wind.
Are they likely to stay in cover?

The Mole

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Wind seems to make most deer very skittish & nervous if they're in the open. Look for them in sheltered areas where they feel more secure.


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Hi, ezzy6.5.

Good luck with your stalking over the next few days.

Here`s a tip, stalk on the leigh, (i think that`s how you spell it) side of the forest, as this is where you are likey to find any roe taking cover from the wind, and if there are sunny patches there aswell, then that will help as roe deer love to feed with the sun on their backs. ;)

Good luck



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Cold and wind not bad, wind and rain, generally not good. Waddas has given you the right advice, especially if its been blowing and raining all night long and the day before. They will be hungry and will need to move out to graze as the light comes up, but look for the sheltered areas where you would feel safe and out of the weather, and thats in general where you will find the deer.

Good luck.


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Thanks guys,
That sounds like great advice,it all makes good sense.
i'm not looking at the weather any more, it's changed about 3 times so far today. Whatever it does i wont be at work so i'll be happy. We leave at 8:00 in the morning and i'm starting to feal like a kid on christmas eve.
Thanks again, Ezzy.


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hi ezzy
if you are stalking by yourself then wadasot has given you a headstart on attaining a beast for the freezer, if you are out with a stalker then no matter what the weather that stalker , if he knows his stuff and ground will either show you deer or let you know from the start if things are good or bad but roe do not like bad weather and there is nothing your stalker can do about that
good luck and successes on your trip


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I went out on a new bit of land I have picked yesterday afternoon, when I left my place and it was sunny, but a hour later it was wind and driving rain. It was a no show with the roe, but nice to walk around my new patch and look for some likely places for high seats.

As all ready said in rain and wind look for the roe deer in the lea of the woods/sheltered rides ect but always keep in the back of your mind that deer do not read books or log on to the inter-net. ;)

Best rgds



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sorry for your misfortune thar
but last night was for us was a cracker as the deer were where i thought they may be ,just did not follow my instinct and led to me and my mate wadas a missed oppurtunity , as the shot that presented its self was just to late,
if i had not been to hesitant then we would of moverd earlier and a fallow would now be hanging in wadas garage
sorry wadas
but we live and learn
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