Available: Winter Roe Does and Muntjac Stalking in Gloucestershire


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Dear All,

Please find below costs for the winter season on our Estate.

Please text me on 07881 694 065 or PM me if interested.

Please find below costings etc.

2 Guides available.

We prefer to walk, but high seats are available if preferred.

£70 a session per person (approx. 3 hours)

Roe doe prices are:

£50 per Roe Doe which also includes the carcass.

Fallow prices are:

Fallow (cull beasts only) are £120 irrespective of size or weight, includes the carcass.

Muntjac prices are:

£40 per doe which also includes the Carcass

Bucks £50 non medal

Bronze Medal £100

Silver Medal £200

Gold Medal £300

Muntjac Buck Carcass is £20

Extra costs:

Any shot and lost beast will also incur a charge of £60.

Estate rifles are available at no extra cost.

Kind Regards
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Hi Mike,
apologies for the late reply, thank you for your enquiry, I have availability from December onwards. if you could text me, I will text back available dates.

Kind Regards


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Been down with nick before and down again this weekend, highly recommend!!!! Honest upfront prices and got a complete newbie hooked on stalking in one outing. He is one of the decent guys in the game.


Another vouch for Nick from me. Got me my first deer last week and a very nice chap too.

Write-up here


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Another vouch for nick and his son. They work an amazing estate that's full of deer! Decent guts with the right attitude about the job. 100% will be back.