Wire Haired Vizsla Stud Dog

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I am looking for a proven Wire Haired Viszla Stud dog for a friend's bitch.
Ideally within a reasonable travelling distance of the Aviemore area.
The bitch in question works on deer 24/7 and is a very good tracker.
Please pm me for further details if you can help.

Many Thanks



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Ben check out what dogs do you use page 4 6.5x55 has a wire hair he might be able to help you you can only try



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Very big thank you to Amberdog and 6.5x55.
Not only did my mate manage to get a Wire Haired Visla Stud dog.
Through the forum and 6.5 x 55 I managed to get him a 15 month old dog that needed a new home.
The dog is settling in well to his new home and will be getting started on some training soon.

Thanks again

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