Wish me luck


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This time tommorow I will be pinned down, James Bond style, to a bench with a laser pointing at my eyes....mind you, I don't suppose Bond was ever in a Glasgow eye clinic.

So, come Saturday there will either be much running about and shouting of miracles and mangling of spectacles or else there will be a Mannlicher Pro Hunter for sale and I'll be looking for a new labrador and a white cane!

Wish me luck. :eek:


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I had it done 3 years ago and haven't looked (pardon the pun) back since.

The procedure is simple and painless and the results fantastic. Just follow the aftercare procedures and you'll be fine.

Good luck!


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Well Commander Bond, er I mean Drew best of luck, I hear nothing but good about the procedure.

Mind you snow blindness could be a problem the way things are going :D :D



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Im the worlds biggest wimp when it comes to these things. That said I'v got a friend whose had some really hefty eye surgery and he's absolutly fine. Get your next stalking trip planned, your going to be fine...


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Eye. Eye!
Frax, appreciate your aprehension, wish you much luck on your venture. Feel sure all will bode well .Keep us all posted !!!May need it myself , but I am chicken!!
Regards Trapper


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Good luck old chap... think I said previously my mate had it done she says was ok bit sore but best thing she ever did.
Want to have mine done soon but have to get the all clear from the hospital first as my eyes are still problematic ..humf hate glasses

Let us know how it goes


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good luck Drew
hope it all goes well mate,
this is something i shall be looking at in the future for myself
if you need a stick i can recommend a supplier for the white paint, as B+Q do a good line :lol:


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Good luck ...

... and don't forget to go on wearing your safety glasses for shooting, even when your eyes have been fettled ...


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Thanks for your good wishes guys...they seemed to have worked.

All went well with the procedure, it was a little disturbing but not painful. Eyes were a bit sore overnight but it wasn't bad, didn't actually need to take any of the battery of painkillers I'd taken with me (and I'm a big wuss when it comes to pain). I woke up the next day and could see...unreal! Looking out of my hotel window at Glasgow with a big silly grin on my face. Went for my check up and got one line better than 20/20 less than 24 hrs after the procedure. A bit of hazing round lights but they say that will lessen over the next few days.

Then for the best bit...the journey back from Glasgow to Fort Willian by train. If you've never done this, wait for some snow and then hop on the train. There were thousands of deer, grouse and black game flying parallel with the train, spectacular views...awesome...and I could see it all!
I'd left my truck in FW with the intention of staying in a hotel but I was fine to drive so did the 2 hours back to Skye with no probs.

Going to give it a couple of days then it's out for hinds!

So, I'm sitting I'm my living room on Sunday morning, it's getting light, I can see the sheep over the loch and gulls wheeling...life is good.

Don't hesitate, just do it. It's worth every penny and more. And if you mention I reccomended you (this is with Ultralase, without a doubt the best) you'll get a wee discount and I'll get a wee commission!
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