Wisport rifle case, anyone have any feedback?


Been looking an age for a decent rifle case for my .223, seen the wisport at £130 which falls in my target price range, anyone had one? Or anyone have any recoomendation for a decent sized tough rifle bag for £100-£150 ive purchased a few around £60 mark buffalo etc and zips always fail




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+1 for Ogdens quickslip or the Quadlite.

Mine gets hammered and I mean hammered. It is getting quite old and battered now. Still appears to have miles of life left in it. The zips are clogged with mud and all sorts as I use mine for laying in sodden ground etc. I really cannot fault it and will replace it the moment it fails.


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I can’t remember when the last Broughton game show was, but it was over ten years as far as I know.
The reason I mentioned it is that I bought an Ogden’s rifle slip there. It’s had some abuse carries my rifle with mod bipod etc fitted along with filling the pockets with sometimes a hundred rounds of 222 or 243.
The only thing is the Velcro on the pockets is not as good as it was. I have ruined cheap and not so cheap bags if far less time.