Available: Wolf and pig hunt for 6 rifles (inc me)


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Its been a while searching for ground with a blend of both and where the ground work will be done to ensure wolf will be connected with.
The price has been a real issue also.
As you all know we endeavour to keep hunts affordable and within reach of the working man.
We have shaved our own costs to a minimum as I want this trip to happen as I would like to shoot wolf myself.
to include a wolf and non trophy boar/pig. Other animals maybe shot but will incur extra charges. This cost is including the estimated flight cost which upon request we can book if not deduct and tell you which flight to book yourselves.
All transport within Croatia, all accomadation translator and guide for the 4 day hunt. January dates to be announced shortly.
We have to fill the slots for the trip to take place or the breakdown in costs will not work.
regards john
ps does not include cities cert for export or skin prep. (+100 I think. I will check this)
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Hi john

Those of us that replied with our interest by email on the last thread are we in already or do we need to reply on this thread aswell ??

Or is this offer the result of the last thread or a diferent offer..

Pm me or email me any further details please




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no terry sue will email all who showed interest shortly and you will all get first refusal as promised, she asked me to post this here to cover our backs in the event of no interest to her emails as time is short. Details are still to finalise with the landowner/agents but the ball needed rolling as the clock is ticking.
Expect an email within a couple of days.
Sorry for any confusion.


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Hi Mike, It did mention Croatia in passing !! and January with dates to follow ;)
How are you keeping, well I hope.
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What is the success rate for wolf as experiance hunting them 3 time alredy on so called active baits is not good, never seen one, and if the party is for six Rifles what percentage of the 6 will be likely to see a wolf