Wonderful TalkTalk service........................... I don't think


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Due to a storm several weeks back the internet service in our road went down. The neighbour got hers back some days ago but it seems she is not using TalkTalk as a provider. It has taken many hours on the phone to eventually get our service back. No mention of a refund of course for the service that has been paid for but not delivered.

They advertise that they provide such a wonderful service yet in out experience they have been terrible. We now await a switch to another provider which hopefully will give us better service and maybe even a customer call centre in the UK instead of India.

Has anyone else noticed how when you call their customer support that they suggest you connect to their web site to get the information :doh: and just how does one do this with no service on the line?

It seems that everyone is supposed to have internet phones :rolleyes: well we don't and the nearest public internet access is in town. not exactly a pop round distance and somehow I don't think that taking in a desk top and setting it up would please them somehow.

I would not recommend TalkTalk to even an enemy.


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We're with TalkTalk at the moment and currently looking at other options after poor service both with internet connection and customer service.


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I was told by some internet savvy neighbours that talktalk slow down current customers (Me), when putting new customers on service who are close by, my net broadband has been intermittent for around a month now, got fed up trying to understand the foreigner on the other end of the customer care line, going to get on the U switch site when I get back home.

african jack

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I would recommend PlusNet been with them for 15years had one problem in that time sorted in 3 hours and there call centre is in UK reason I needed a good provider so I could Skype home when I was in Africa
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+1 for plus net
was with talk talk and had to use a dial up modem for the time I was with them as it was faster. They then had the cheek to try to get me to pay a 95 pound charge
With sky now and that just does not miss a beat nor does it slow down
Will be looking at their fibre offering in the new year

Chris p Bacon

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I was totally fed up with TT they are not interested until you leave!!!!!!!!! Now with BT fibre optic for the same monthly charge loads better...........


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Used Talk Talk a number of years ago, will never use them again.

+1, Unreliable and I had to spend far too much time on the phone to some disinterested person in an overseas call centre. Zen are pretty good but we now have a local wireless provider instead due to problems with the copper cable. atb Tim


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..and another recommendation for Plusnet (even though they are now part owned by BT).

Great customer service team (all UK based) and very helpful.


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i went with tiscali all those years ago and when it changed carried on but about 8 months ago i had difficulty in speeds and internet cutting out and after sevral phone calls later nearly left but they sent a new router and i have no idea if that was the cause or it was something else but i have not had a problem since,
now i would love to change but i hate the hassle as that was the reason i left aol but for now things are good but if it happens again i will look elsewhere.
My reluctance to move is because i here so many bad reports from a number of companys i feel i might get an even worse service and it cost me more, atb wayne

news of the world

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Talk Talk has to be the worst customer service I have ever experienced,their broadband speeds were absolutely abysmal,and as already stated only contact you when you want to leave.
They offered us compensation, I told them to donate it to H4H and they said they didn't have a box for that so I told them where to shove it.Now with BT, not the cheapest but far and away better than Talk Talk.


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Talk Talk Customer Services are dire that is if you even manage to get through to them. I spent 40 mins trying to get them to temporarily lift a premium number block on our phone line. All they were interested in was selling me another year of value line rental!


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TT=Total Tw4t5.
Was with them for 6 months and never a week went by without one problem or another. Ended up having 3 of the 6 months refunded and was able to get out of the 12 contract as they had failed to provide what they had promised.
Now with BT, still have problems with speed issues as we are supposed to be on 70-80meg (fibre) but seldom see greater than 16-20


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TT=Total Tw4t5.
Was with them for 6 months and never a week went by without one problem or another. Ended up having 3 of the 6 months refunded and was able to get out of the 12 contract as they had failed to provide what they had promised.
Now with BT, still have problems with speed issues as we are supposed to be on 70-80meg (fibre) but seldom see greater than 16-20

I would be over the moon with that.
Most I can get is 1/2 a meg. Sometimes cannot even get on a peak times. Seems its all down to being so far from a rural exchange and old copper wires.
I was with Talk Talk and everytime I phoned to complain they tried to take you through the scripted "problem solving and checking process"
Now with BT and although speed is rubbish, I can get on nearly all the time.


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TT are utter w*nk so happy the day I left them. Now with Utilty Warehouse so I get bigger discounts on my gas and leccy. Their t'interweb service is good enough for me.


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Left Talk Talk a couple of months ago; they had been fine until a fault arose, and it took numerous repeat calls to get it sorted out. Now with BT....OK at the moment, although it took a while to get my email up and running as apparently I had got my mother's maiden name wrong for the past 40+ years!

jay 22

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talktalk are a big no no. they claim to have great customer service but they dont. orange are the same. i was with orange for 8 years. but the last couple of years really where head doing. poor internet speeds and service.

in the end my phone mobile contract was up with orange so i went to virgin. get more from them and at half the cost i was paying orange. with this extra money i saved on my mobile bill. i ordered a bt line. and bt vision. and infinity broadband two.

now i havent had it drop signal since. there staff are more friendly if you need to chat to them. and the broadband speeds in my area with fibreoptic is stupidly fast.
with orange i was on 2.5 meg download and 0.365 upload !!!!

now im on 75 meg download and 19 meg upload. can download films in about 4 mins. etc etc. it cost more but im a believer in you get what you pay for. and now i get to watch all the ufc fights .football and rugby.

dont know if they have bt in your area for the above service but worth a look

Safari Hunter

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I'm with Talk Talk at the moment and am looking at changing. They are the only phone company that monitor your home internet usage. This has become a problem for me as I work from home sometimes and have to use my business system. This has highly confidential data on it and we found that Talk Talk had been mimicking my every move. This resulted in us sending them a legal letter and extra money being deployed for enhanced security.
They said the only check sites once for malicious content and add it to their malware program. Lying f****s, they were checking our business system when I wasn't even online. I certainly have no trust in them now.
Before anyone says it, we sell Industrial Automation and nothing to do with vibrating rubber products!!
I would recommend anyone to stay away from them.