Won't be long until a young'un is taken.

Tom D

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I've been thinking this for a while. Once they loose their fear of man as an opportunistic predator they will take any chance of a meal they get, a sub 6 month old baby and that could have been a much worse outcome. Many people in cities actively feed foxes thinking that they are tame, but the reality is they have the same relationship with us that a lion has with a hyena or a wolf with a coyote, the coyote or the hyena wouldn't think twice about taking the wolf pup or lion cub given a chance. This is why wolves will go out of their way to kill coyotes. Indeed when wolves were re-introduced to Yellowstone they dramatically reduced the coyote population. This was not through competition for resources but through the wolves actively chasing down the coyotes and killing them, this I believe is an evolutionary response to the threat coyotes pose to wolf cubs which are often left unattended.


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Just ban foxes from entering the city. Simple solution, surely? :cool: :-|

or just put a charge on them for entering. bit like the various [enter latest here] zone, apparently if you have a dirty old polluting vehicle you cant come in,,, however if you pay ,,,suddenly your exhaust instantly becomes cleaner??

so if a fox wants a nice variety of foreign food and the occasional infant they should pay,, then its fine.