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Hello all,
What are people's siting's of Woodcock this season, and what is your policy on shooting them? I've seen that GWCT are recommending leaving them following two bad breeding seasons in Russia, we are advising our Guns to do the same. We're in Norfolk, I understand there are some good numbers in Scotland but we have seen very few compared to last year.


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Relatively few here this year. I've seen some, shot one.

I heard one or two good reports from west Tyrone and Donegal, but these places are Woodcock hotspots.

I rarely shoot them now, and never on a driven day. Shoot a couple over my GSP for traditions sake.


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Thanks - we've only had about 3 or 4 in the bag all season. A couple on a driven day in the woods, a couple on walked-up which was before I saw the GWCT article.


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Not as many in Sussex as I have seen in recent years but have probably seen a dozen or so. Shooting in Suffolk I had 4 straight over me in one day just before Christmas. Shot one, left the rest. Prefer watching them to shooting them on the whole. Like eating them though!



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loads down here. better than last year

I am in Cornwall and seeing less than winter 2013/14 but still got plenty. See about 5 or 6 in an evening flight whereas last season average would be 10-12. Not so good for snipe this year though.


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Not seen as many as last year and generally don't shoot them , most shoots I've been on have asked not to shoot them.


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Very few in my part of Norfolk this season. My GSP has pointed the odd or one two but I no longer shoot them, haven't done for several years. Remember seeing some **** on a game shoot taking woodcock at the end of the day just to train his dog to retrive them so he could shoot more woodcock, he said he didn't like the taste. Why shoot them if you don't know anything about them, their numbers or even where they are from. Would be a crying shame to lose them through overshooting. S.


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Lots here! Saw close to three figures feeding on the parks when at the foxes one night in December. Have shot two for the pot myself, but have left them for the most part.


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There are plenty of woodcock on our shoot in North Yorkshire, they came in as usual in November.
I went on my annual trip to Scotland (Ross-shire) in mid November.
There were more woodcock there this year than I have been seen for a good few years.


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We are well down on woodcock shot on our driven shoot, very few accounted for, but have seen more at Roding time, when out rabbiting than normal, they appear right on dark, good evidence of feeding in the orchards

put it all together same numbers around but not finding them on shoot days

bruce w

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heavy falls of woodcock on the November moon ,though they only stay with us on the isles for a day or so ,then on there way , Feb -March they pass through again , as to shooting i take a couple and my wife and i have them for supper ,then let the pointer work them and i then salute them with the gun ,great for the foot work ,and practicing placing my self well to the point , nice to have them fly within feet towards you then jink and whip past your head then practice a smart gun up turn to take a going away shot great sport and no plucking,and the dog loves it all , ,putting a woodcock up within yards in the same place each year for nearly 40 years still leaves the same tingle ,thou now they get free passage, and i know another year as passed i would dearly miss them if they went into a decline for whatever reason.


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Timberdicks are my favourite gamebird, wild, great sport, tasty and very quick to fox the gun.
We have about the same numbers This season and they must be feeding well as the body size and weight is well up from the November fall. I seen four lift together at night off barley stubble which is very unusual for these solitary birds.
My dogs get a wee fright when they lift at their noses but no dog is fast enough to peg them.
Try putting you nose into their plumage it is pure Scandinavian pine forest and if Carlsberg only done air freshners!!
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I have shot 2 so far, my spaniel flushed them, picked both of them considering at 18 months had not seen one.....

Seen a few on beating days but a bit too slippery for the guns.

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