Work is done ..............until 4th Jan 2017


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Well guys and gals,

i finished work at dinner time today, I then flew around my permissions dropping bottles of malt and choccies etc off and wishing my farmers a good Xmas etc,

tomorrow im off to see Rob at monarch to pick up my new Lowa boots and drop some wine in at one of my golf course perms on route.

why is it you always feel knackered when you know you have a well earned break just around the corner????

A caolila awaits me after tea time, after a busy year developing and putting the extension on our house, I can't wait to enjoy the festive season



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All the best mate have a good one,:d
you too mate,

ive been naughty!!!! I've just opened the caolila lol

sod it,

no work tomorrow ,


PS , as soon as I have some more 308 cases ,I'll send them over to you Doug