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After five trips to Scotland and five blanks, two on the new ground, it was sixth time lucky. I went up for two days last week and did not see a buck until the last evening, this unfortunate fellow:


He was blind in one eye, (the one facing away from me!) and has seven good points. He was out on open sheep walk with a single kid, no sign of mum, and dropped on the spot to an 80 yard engine room shot.


Saw plenty of does this time, all with young, one had triplets. Hopefully a few of the kids I saw were fathered by this chap


Thats a great looking animal mudman. What kind of terrain does it come off.



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What kind of terrain does it come off

He was near a big block of commercial forestry. Further down the hill is some deciduous woodland and improved gassland but the majority of the ground is white grass/ braken/ heather.


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That's a lovely animal, well done.

Do you think he picked up the blind eye rutting? was it scarred or more of a cataratct?


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This is another post about a buck with eye damage after or during the rut.
Is this a common thing?
Do they go that crazy when the hormones flow?
Any pictures?

The Mole

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I'll bet the teeth were worn well down . Congratulations on a worthy cull buck and a cracking trophy!


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The eye was cloudy all the way across, looked like a cataract to me. No sign of recent damage.


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Good beast!

Bit of a boost after all the blanks. Well done.

What did you take him with ?



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That's a cracking animal - well done after what sounds like some frustrating times. Would also be interested to hear what age he turns out to be and the level of teeth wear. If you're not going to have him mounted would be interested to see a photo of the lower jaw.

Also interested to hear that you saw a doe with triplets - I've heard about this before but not seen it yet.

Keep us posted.



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Well done Mudman, a stalkers patience really paid off, all five trips worth. You got your just desserts there.


Little Terry

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Lovely animal Mudman, well done.

I don't know about you, but I always find success so much sweeter if i've had to wait/work for it. If we could get our animal first time, every time how long would we stick at it!?!

It looks like there might be some good breeding stock up there for the future. Good luck with the rest of the season.