Wow !!! Warning bow video ( no killing )

private fraser

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That rivals a video posted by someone a while ago showing a someone taking birds on the wing with a bow.
I wouldn't have believed either was possible.


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Thank you for posting.
Archery has always interested me but my shooting takes all my spare money.



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It's quite impressive but somehow I get the feeling that something terrible might happen to Lars Anderson one day. He reminds me of Steve Irwin the crocodile catching chap who dicked about until he got hurt (killed)


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Very cool! I posted some November of archers shooting ducks and pheasant out of the air.

This is the thing about learning to shoot instinctively: it becomes like throwing a ball or shooting a basketball through a rim while in the air moving sideways, 20 feet away ( 10 inch ball in a 14 inch rim), or shooting a shotgun from all kinds of positions, or a handgun - you don't forget it. Your mind can interpolate to make the shot you never tried, from memory of how it felt at the moment of releasing the shots which you have hit hundreds of times.


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Same with lot of sports , in judo & jujitsu , a lot of techniques done over & over so many times to the point that you don't think about it bout muscle memory takes over