x mark pro triggers


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hi guys, i have the chance to put an adjustable x mark pro trigger on my rem 700 vls.
is it a srtaight forward operation, and how good are the triggers in question.
looking on the net, the yanks dont seem to rate them.
trigger pulls still too high.
intrested in anyone thoughts, cheers.


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I have an x mark pro on one of my remington model sevens, and a jewell on the other !

I think the Jewell is brilliant. But the x mark pro on the other is set a 1.5 lb according to my Lyman electronic trigger pull machine. It has no creap and breaks cleanly so will not be replaced.
Hope that tells you what you need to know !


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cheers splash, yes it does. but how did you get it down to 1.5lb.
most of what i have seen on internet are struggling to get below 4-5lbs.
which makes it pointless in having an adjustable trigger.
if i could achieve your ratings i would be very pleased and get rid of the standard trigger.
cheers mate.

LVSF 243

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I have a x pro trigger on my 243 rem lvsf **** trigger.My 223 rem vs has jewell its the best trigger out there.I will be have a another jewell for my 243.


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Is yours adjustable throught the trigger blade or above it ? Mine is a solid blade and i just adjusted it with a small allen key. LVSF i'm not calling Jewell i have two rifle with them But my X mark is fine !


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My x pro is fine, crisp release. It's set at 2lb. Alot better than the old Remy trigger.