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i haven't kept records except for animals i have taken to the dealers before. I keep the same details as 300wsm. When i get stalking again i will do full records but i will also do weather conditions.



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I felt bad about asking for a ton of additional data before, without making any useful suggestions as to how to get it.

So thinking further about my original responses to your post, if you keep the details in a spread sheet you could set sun rise/set times in a column - just start from one known time and add + 8 mins a day (or whatever!), do a copy then subtraction/addition and get the time from each. Would take 3 minutes to do the whole lot if its already in a time format.

I'd even offer to look at your empty format and have a bash, might be a simple macro job.


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to be absolutely, and to my shame, truthful I do not keep any records other than photographs. I rely on the photo jarring my memory if need be, but as for written records no. :oops:

Hello, my name is John and I am a non record keeper, there I've said it.

In my defence though I keep reloading records.



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I have a small eley diary to keep a record of what we shoot,where we shoot it, how many(rabbits),weather etc. Have been doing this mainly for a small record over the year but also i have a supervision on my ticket at presant so it will help as proof of my outings at the same time.

Nick Gordon

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I'm trying to get in to the habit of noting all my stalks in a diary.

I try and keep a record of the time, weather and beat stalked and details not only of deer seen but anything else of interest to me.

If I'm successful, I'll enter details of the time of the shot, approximate age, weight and condition of the deer, the range of and reaction to the shot and anything strange etc in the gralloch.

Until the start of the buck season my records were a simple list of the deer shot and where but with my memory going :cry: it is becoming difficult to try and remember the details of some individual stalks- I wish I kept more details.

I am also trying to remember to take my wife's digital pocket camera but each time I've done so I have had a complete blank :!:



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Well this made me think quite hard, :rolleyes: so I had a look I have Blue Oyster Cult don't Fear The Reaper, ZZ Top Eliminator, A genuine pre -release Focus -Hocus Pocus, the Aristcats story LP and Great War Movie Themes
and an Jim Reeves album of my mums .. could prob dig up a few more if anyones interested :D

Pete E

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This is something I am not as organised with as I should be.

Any beasts taken on the FC ground at Thetford have all the usual information recorded centrally:
Stalker, Date, Time, Location, Habitat Type, Highseat or On Foot, Species, Sex, No. Foetus, Tag Number & whether purchased or sold to gamedealer..

We are now all encouraged to fill in Individual Cull Records to be kept by each stalker as part of our training portfolio. This records similar information plus allows for comments on things like shot placement and reaction to the shot..More and more people are supplementing this with additional pictures showing the gralloch and carcasses inspection ect...

I am terrible at keeping records but I'm trying to follow this model. Not only does it provide cull data in future years, but it is also available to show the police when your FAC is up for renewal to help establish continued "good reason"... Also with the way red tape is going in this country, who knows what future requirements will be imposed on us where a record of culls will become useful...Same goes for reloading records in many respects...




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Date Location farm Species m/f number comments Stalker

Something like this, in excel so I am able to use the total colum, and filter out the other various variables. Works for me, but no doubt some one will one day say it is wrong!!!

Pete E

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For those interested in keeping records on Excel or similar, Roger McKinley discusses this at length in his book "The Future of Woodland Deer".

If a person is managing deer in any sort of professional capacity and in a manner which involves providing a Management Plan and subsequent Cull Report, this electronic approach is probably the way to go...


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l keep a diary and l record everything in that ie weather, no of deer seen and the gender, where they are, species and so on, basicly anything worth recording, then every couple of months or so l enter all relevent information onto cull data sheets and then give a copy to my landlords at the end of the doe season.


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I only keep personal records , Sorta Diary stuff I only shoot for the pot, and, have dealt with dealers per-say, newish to the game (Again)But as demands on Management increase, may have to send to a Urchin. After all how many freezers can one attain!! by the way I got two a bloody big Chest freezer , and a stand up job.
regards Trapper.

Roe Hunter

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Shooting only for my own consumption, I use a simple excel spreadsheet, with only relatively basic information in it. Date & time, location, species & sex, weight (in my case, not having a set of scales big enough to weigh a full carcass what I call 'freezer weight' - i.e. how much goes into the freezer), notes about the stalk & shot placement or findings during gralloch etc.

Prime motive is for evidence at FAC renewal, and supporting my less than wonderful memory!


Pete E

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RH (or anybody else!)

Scales big enough to cope with a deer carcass seem fairly expensive in most stalking shops, but they are available at a reasonable cost else where


No idea what the increments are on this set, but suspect they came be a bit too course for Roe or Muntjac..

My local Agricultural Supply place also does traditional brass spring balances which weigh in lb & kg up to 50kg for about £10 and they are ideal for Roe and Muntjac...