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Deer manager decides objectives and implementation policy then organises implemention.

Deer stalker is the one who pulls the trigger under the instruction of the above.



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Deer manager and deer stalker are normally one of the same person on most estates, they cannot afford to employ two people.

But in some instances and estates I have been involved with the deer mananger is the estate factor (normally some retired army officer, who does not have a clue)

However a Deer Manager, or some I have met have lots of bits of paper behind their name, sit in an office and drinks cups of coffee, and in some instances sets unachievable cull figures for the ground and the one stalker.

On the other hand the stalker knows the ground, knows the deer, gets up at ridiculous hours, gets cold, wet and covered in mud, works his butt of for a low wage. And knows more about the deer than the deer manager. :lol: :lol:


Deer manager some one who manages the deer on his ground there by stalking to a set Cull off his own making to improve deer by removing undesirable ones or to remove deer that are being a pest (can be described as a woodland manager or a crop manager farm manager ) Deerstalker the chap that is given a set cull plan and will stick to it unless told other wise or asked to work on his own initiative.


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And generally falls out with the deer manager who hasnt got a clue about the ground or deer because he has never walked it, and the manager is to busy applying for grants and filling in bits of paper, and will not leave the office because its to cold or raining. :lol: :lol: :lol: