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Went out yesterday for a last shot at the Fallow Bucks and Sika Stags. Managed to shoot some pics but that was all, ontop of these photos, we must have seen a further 100+ Fallow in total, unfortunaty they were either unshootable or over the boundry line.

This was on route to our first piece of ground.

When we spotted the Hinds , we couldn't see the Stag at first...

Sika Hinds


He then came into view


Then stamped his feet


After a non sucessful day, we thought we would just drive upto one of the favorite fields where the deer have been known to graze, just a shame that bored ASBO's in the area had been here a week earlier and decided to start shaking the highseat and causing a general nusence to the area, when the Stalker was in the HighSeat, police have been informed....There is no high seat there at the moment.

In this picture, there are 3 Red Stags, one of them has cast his antlers the other 2 are in full velvet.

The pics aint that good, I though the camera would have done a better job.


This last pic of the same field, just slightly left is of 2 Sika Hinds on the left, very close to each other, in the middle is a Roe Buck, in full horn, one of the few on the ground and on the Right is the Red Stag who has cast his antlers.


Was annoyed not to get a shot off, but you can't win them all. Probably my last days shooting now untill August so hopefully I make up for the blank outing then.

Catch you later



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nice one tj
those pics must go along way to easing the pain for not pulling the trigger
always next time but thanks for posting them ,i hav enjoyed looking
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