Yet another newbie


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Hi everyone

My names Oggy and I'm from Merseyside and just (hopefully) getting into deer stalking.

I've only been stalking once for a couple of days with a guy who has a syndicate (which I'm hoping to join) up near Dumfries, I shot my first Roe buck and I was completely hooked!! I've been shooting for a few years now - air rifles then moving onto shotguns about a year ago, but as good as it is, its deer stalking I'm really interested in.

I'm doing my DSC1 at the end of march and hoping to join a syndicate shortly after that (as soon as I get my FAC)

so thats me really, just thought I'd say hello and warn you guys to expect a few newbie type questions from me, so go easy on the new lad!!




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Hi Oggy and welcome
i'm a newbie myself so will look forward to hear how you get on