Yeti gators


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Looking at buying a set of these for the harsh wet/winter days shooting.

I currently have the meindl Dovre extreme boots size 11

Will the xl fit these?

Any help would be great!

375 mag

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I've tried alsorts of glue to get them to stop on but they always come off as soon as they get wet, bad design in my view.


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I have them in XL and on Meindl Dovre boots size 11. Wicked combo but a bastard to put on I put them in boiling/warm water first to loosen them up, once I get them on I put them on the radiator to dry them onto the boot.

Just come back from a week in Scotland wearing them everyday 10+ hours on the hill (12+ miles a day all up hill!). Came off once as I got caught on a branch and I was walking heather banks and clear fell. outstanding combo IMHO.


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They are great, however they are designed for berghaus storm boots. On any other boots it is a patch fix

Alfie White

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Soak them in hot water before you try and fit them or heat them up with a hair dryer. Otherwise it’s impossible to get them on your boots. They are a brilliant piece of kit